Venue Hire & Facilities

When not in use for Bancroft Players society’s productions, the theatre is available for hire for live performance events. Business conferences are also welcome. As a general rule, the theatre is not available for hire on Sundays.

Two areas are available for hire: the Main Theatre and The Studio.

Main Theatre

The Main Theatre has the following facilities:

Stage Area

  • 11.2 metres wide (without allowing for any wing space) and 5.5 metres deep.
  • Stage access from both sides.
  • Scenery dock stage right.
  • Curtains
    • Front of stage: maroon.
    • Rear-stage and wings: choice of black or silver.
  • 3 metre high white cyclorama, suitable for projections (across the back of the stage)

Please note that we may have to make an additional charge if we have to do extra work to re-arrange staging or lighting before or after the event. It helps if you can let us know your requirements well in advance.

Auditorium Seating

  • 171 people in main auditorium.
  • Rising retractable seating unit.

The retractable seating unit can be withdrawn to provide a flat floor suitable for table shows, but the total number of seats is reduced to 96 with this layout.

The Studio

The Richard Whitmore Studio has the following facilities:

Small Theatre with Bar

  • Its own entrance and foyer with a small bar.
  • Area of the studio is 8 by 10 metres.
  • Retractable seating with 74 seats enables the studio to be used as a space or as a theatre.
  • Access to the main theatre for dressing rooms and toilets etc.
  • Air-conditioned.
  • A meeting room above the foyer which can hold about 20 people comfortably (there is no disabled access to this room).

This smaller theatre is an ideal area for small or experimental productions for which a large theatre would be inappropriate and it costs significantly less than the main theatre to hire.

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Other Information

Insurance and Security

Hirers are responsible for insuring their own property while it is in the theatre. The theatre’s insurance covers only items belonging to The Bancroft Players.

The Bancroft Players are not responsible for any loss of or damage to hirers’ property in any way, howsoever caused. Although the two main dressing rooms have lockable doors, hirers are advised never to leave valuable items unattended in the theatre.

Performing Rights

Hirers are responsible for paying any fees due to the Performing Right Society for copyright music performed. This includes background music at events such as fashion shows. The charge by the PRS will be 3% of total ticket sales plus VAT.


The theatre has two Casio digital pianos each with a full length keyboard and a good sound. These are included in the theatre hire charge.

Special Conditions

When we are required to meet any special conditions imposed by the Licensing Authority we reserve the right to pass any charges on to the hirer.

  • The full conditions of hire are on the reverse of the booking form.
  • The general hire charge for the main theatre includes use of:
    • Stage and wing space
    • Dressing rooms
    • Toilets
    • A small kitchen
    • Working lights
    • Gas and Electricity
  • Use of the foyer is subject to approval by the Theatre Manager in advance.
  • Stage lighting and sound facilities are available with staff.
  • The Bancroft Players A.D.S. have exclusive rights on the sale of ice creams, confectionery and drink.
  • Box office, Bar and Front of House services are provided free of charge.

NO SMOKING: Smoking is banned in the building. However, smoking is permitted on stage in a production with certain restrictions.

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