Big Spirit FAQs

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about becoming a member of the Big Spirit Youth Theatre.

I’d like to apply but I’ve never acted before.

That doesn’t matter at all. If you’ve dreamed of acting, appearing on stage or even TV, then you can learn to act. What you do need is determination and enthusiasm. Determination and enthusiasm can soon be turned into talent and we’ll help you do just that. So you really need to ask yourself only one question – “Am I determined to do this?” and if the answer is “Yes” then you’re Big Spirit material!

When do you meet?

The regular meetings are each Sunday throughout the year from 3-5.30pm. This time is used for workshops and rehearsals. There is also a rehearsal after school during the week (6-8pm).

I’m a bit shy – does that matter?

No. Lots of actors are shy people, funnily enough. We are very experienced at helping when people are a bit shy and they soon find themselves less worried and so they are able to perform in front of other people without a problem.

I’ve done lots of plays – so am I too experienced?

Absolutely not. We treat all Big Spirit members as if they are going to become professional performers and so the training is geared to experienced people too. If you are hoping to go to Drama School or for further performance training, then Big Spirit is the ideal preparation and most of our students go on to find a place without too much difficulty.

I have lots of homework and exams coming up – will I be able to fit it in?

Yes. We are aware that from 14 onwards there are lots of exams and schoolwork to be done and we try to have very precise times to meet and work so that you are aware of what you are taking on and can plan for it. Don’t worry – many hundreds of people have done the same thing too in the last 20 years and we find our students always do very well in exams.

Will I get on with everyone?

Yes! At Big Spirit we work really hard to make the group a friendly place to come to – we don’t allow any bitching or bigheadedness and we always encourage people to become good friends and fellow actors. It is a very easy group to join. Come along and find out for yourself!

How do I join?

You need to do an audition. We ask that you learn a piece from a play (or a poem) [no more than 1 minute long] and come along to meet us. We’ll ask you a few simple questions about what you have done or what you want to achieve and that’s about it.

How much does it cost?

It’s a fee of £400 for the entire year. The Big Spirit Youth Theatre year runs from September to September.