Mojo was the first big hit for the playwright, Jez Butterworth, before he went onto write Jerusalem and The Ferryman and, in its own right, has become a classic of modern theatre.

The story is set in the gangland London of the late 1950s. Ezra’s night club has been hit by a rival gang and the boss is nowhere to be found. They’re at war over a pop singer named Silver Johnny. It’s a wickedly dark and comic tale that has been frequently revived on the West end stage. Katie Milward, the director is choosing to cross cast some of the male characters so if you want to be part of this November production, don’t let anything stop you coming along to the auditions. We’d love to see you!


  • Potts – one of the go-fers in the gang and best friends with Sweets. (age 20-35)
  • Sweets – supplies the uppers and downers to the gang. Twitchy. (age 20-35)
  • Skinny – the runt of the gang, sucks up to Micky. (age 25-40)
  • Baby – the son of Ezra. He appears to be harmless but he is in fact highly dangerous. (age 20-35)
  • Micky – a bruiser, second in command under Ezra, he now wants to take over. (age 30-50)
  • Silver Johnny – the pop star. Looks good but hardly speaks. (age 18-25)

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Audition Dates

Auditions Closed

  • Monday 19th Aug 2019 at  7:45pm
  • Wednesday 21st Aug 2019 at  7:45pm