The One by Vicky Jones

The One is a quick, fiery, one act, award-winning play. Harry and Jo are are up all night drawing the battle lines of their relationship with sex, violence, wine and Wotsits.

A viciously funny and daring play, The One invites you into the world of a couple trapped in a destructive and violent cycle of love and lust. As the wine flows, we find ourselves watching a private game in which the rules seem to be made up on the hoof, insincerity is a badge of honour, and power can shift in a heart-beat. Harry and Jo barely leave the stage through the 65 minutes with Kerry popping in and out.

The Roles:

Jo: acting age 20s. Jo is clever, articulate and not one to give up easy, no matter how trivial or significant a fight may be. A force to be reckoned with.
Kerry: acting age early 30s – Harry’s friend. Awkward, troubled and mild. Clearly no match for Jo and is uncomfortable when in their pressure cooker of a flat.

Harry: acting age 30s/40s. Jo’s old professor, now her partner. Tries to be the good guy but never seems to get it right. A worthy opponent to Jo with a hidden dangerous streak.

Note: there are some scenes of a sexual nature between Jo and Harry.

There are scripts to borrow on a sign-out available from the box office – please return scripts quickly.

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  • Monday 16th Dec 2019 at  7:45pm
  • Wednesday 18th Dec 2019 at  7:45pm


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