Pride and Prejudice (adapted by Sara Pascoe from the novel by Jane Austen)

Pride and Prejudice (adapted by Sara Pascoe from the novel by Jane Austen)


Audition dates: Monday 2nd and Wednesday 4th March

Rehearsal nights: Mondays and Wednesdays

Performance dates: Monday 22nd to Saturday 27th June

For our final production of the season there is a great opportunity to take part in a dramatised version of one of the classic stories in English literature. It demands a large cast with several minor roles as well as the more well-known ones, so do come along and join us at auditions. Depending upon who we have, there may be some doubling up of parts and there are a couple of ball scenes in which most people will appear. As a guide, brief character descriptions follow:


The Bennet family:

Mr Bennet – middle aged, long suffering head of the household

Mrs Bennet – his wife whose main aim in life is to marry off her five daughters

The daughters (Jane, Lizzie, Mary, Kitty and Lydia) – in the novel their age ranges are from 16 to 22, but there can be some leeway here and playing age is what is important. Jane & Lizzie are the sensible ones, Mary the quiet one whilst Kitty and Lydia are “two of the silliest girls in all of Christendom”.


Other Main characters:

Mr Darcy – good looking but brooding, playing age about 30

Mr Bingley – the Bennets’ neighbour, smitten with Jane, playing age about 30

Mr Wickham – a dashing soldier but a thoroughly bad egg, playing age about 30

Lady Catherine – self opinionated lady of the manor for whom self conviction is a birthright, a mature woman

Reverend Collins – Lady C’s protege. Obsequious to the last. Playing age about 30 but loads of flexibility here

Charlotte – a good friend of Lizzie so of a similar playing age.



Mr & Mrs Gardiner – Mrs Bennet’s brother and sister-in-law, so of similar playing age

Miss Bingley – sister of Mr Bingley, playing age a tad younger than her brother

Mrs Hurst – Miss Bingley’s friend, so of a similar playing age

Miss De Bourgh – Lady Catherine’s neice, so playing age late teens to mid-twenties

Miss Darcy – youger sister of Mr Darcy.


Books will be available a couple of weeks prior to auditions so do come along. I’d love to see you for this exciting venture!

Brian Seal

Audition Dates

Auditions Closed

  • Monday 2nd Mar 2020 at  7:45pm
  • Wednesday 4th Mar 2020 at  7:45pm


Mondays & Wednesdays