Urinetown – The Musical

The Bancroft Players present…

Urinetown – The Musical
Book & Lyrics by Greg Kotis
Music & Lyrics by Mark Hollmann

Director: Julian Newman Turner
Musical Director: Charlie Wakely
Choreographer: Katie Milward

Audition dates: Tuesday 21st & Thursday 23rd January 2020
Production dates: Monday 11th to Saturday 16th May 2020
(Matinee on the 16th)

Rehearsals: Tuesday evenings, Thursday evenings and Sunday Mornings.
(Possibility of some Fridays if needed)

Audition pack

The following link has the details for the singing portion of the auditions and a PDF copy of the book. It’ll tell you which song to prepare for each character as well as the score and an MP3 to listen to.


You may be interested in one specific part but we would really like to encourage you to be open to play other parts we may think you are suitable for should you not get the specific part you want.

About Urinetown – The Musical

A depletion of the Earth’s water supply has led to a government-enforced ban on private toilets. The privilege to pee is regulated by a single malevolent company that profits by charging for one of humanity’s most basic needs. From amongst the people, a hero has risen who will lead them to freedom.

A grand, mischievous love letter to the conventions of musical theatre, Urinetown depicts a world wracked by ecological disaster, caught in the throes of corporate greed, and ultimately toppled by the best intentions.

Praised by critics for reinvigoration the contemporary musical, Urinetown is one of the most distinctive, intelligent and jubilant theatrical experiences of the twenty-first century.

From the director…

“Don’t be put off by the title!! – That’s the first thing I find myself saying whenever I talk about this show 🙂

‘Urinetown – The Musical’ is a wonderfully funny, high energy, visual treat of a show that is suitable for all the family… well… almost sutabale. It has a large ensemble cast with some wonderful crazy characters for an actor to get their teeth into (just look at the character names below!). There are no small parts in this show. I see it very much as an ensemble cast with a lot of the actors on stage a lot of the time, if not then singing in the wings.

The show is set in the not too distant future, a parallel universe, a time not too distant from our own, a world…. well… you get the idea! I am fully embracing the comic book/graphic novel world and the visual and physical style of the production will fully reflect that. The characters require a large stylised form of acting and comedy timing. I expect the cast to be off book early so we can really get stuck in to the physicality of the performance.

Strong character acting, singing and high energy are required plus the ability to move in time… or even dance (but being a great dancer is not essential).

Getting this show to the slick level it needs to be is going to be a lot of work and require a big commitment over the 3 and a bit months rehearsal period but it’ll be a lot of fun and the opportunity to be part of something quite different!

Urinetown – The Musical will be the show everyone is talking about in 2020”

Character breakdown


Officer Lockstock
Vocal Range: Bass/ Baritone
Narrator of the show and leader of the Police. A figure of authority. A key role. He is a symbol of police brutality and suppression by means of force.
Prominent in 5 songs

Little Sally
Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano
A poor street urchin who is also co- narrator of the show. Needs to be smallish in stature because she is the ‘child’ of the cast. Needs to look young in stage age. She is innocent initially, but it becomes clear she is easily persuaded by mob coercion. A key role.
Prominent in 3 songs

Bobby Strong
Vocal Range: Tenor
The “Hero” of the show and the assistant-custodian at the poorest urinal in town – Amenity#9. Bobby is the leader of the poor through the rebellion and is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. Falls in love with Hope.
Prominent in 8 songs

Hope Cladwell
Vocal Range: Soprano
Cladwell’s good hearted daughter. Fresh out of the Most Expensive University of the World and about to work at her father’s company. A naïve girl who believes there is good in everyone. Falls in love with Bobby. She lives in ignorant bliss, but has a strong heart. Prominent in 6 songs.

Caldwell B Cladwell
Baritone or Bass Baritone
CEO of Urine Good Company (UGC). He is an unscrupulous capitalist and the main antagonist. He uses his employees and police force for his personal bidding.
Prominent in 5 songs

Penelope Pennywise
Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano
The proprietor of Public Amenity Number # 9, the poorest urinal in town. A Black sheep, she betters her public standing by leaching onto Cladwell. She is an intense realist and is ruthless in her attack when it comes to earning her living. She possesses a plot-twisting secret. A gutsy female character.
Prominent in 5 songs.


Senator Fipp
Vocal Range: Bass
A corrupt senator who takes bribes and lacks moral values. A creepy character who seems to lurk in all the wrong places.
Prominent in 3 songs

Josephine ‘ Old Ma’ Strong
Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano
Bobby’s strong-willed mother. She is a poor woman who frequents Public Amenity Number# 9. Prominent in 4 songs.

Mr McQueen
Vocal Range: Tenor
Cladwell’s head lackey and corporate “yes”-man. He is always following in Cladwell’s footsteps. Too weak to step out of the shadow.
Prominent in 3 songs.

Officer Barrel
Vocal Range: Bass Height: Short or medium.
Officer Lockstock’s right hand man. He is his partner in all things criminal. Blindly follows orders and does little thinking for himself.
Prominent in 3 songs

Hot Blades Harry / Ensemble
Vocal Range: Tenor Height:
A dangerous and unpredictable man- a sadist! He is willing to incite violence to get what he wants.
Prominent in 3 songs.

Little Becky Two-Shoes / Ensemble
Vocal Range: Soprano
A disturbed girl who has been led astray by the bad influences of city-life. Follows Hot-Blades Harry.
Prominent in 3 songs.

Soupy Sue / Ensemble
Vocal Range: Soprano
A woman who has grown tired of desperation. Angry, yet affectionate.
Prominent in 2 songs.

Tiny Tom / Ensemble
Vocal Range: Bass or Baritone
He believes himself to be younger than he actually is and appears eccentric due to his child-like nature.
Prominent in 2 songs.

Robby The Stockfish / Ensemble
Age: Open Vocal Range: Baritone

Billy Boy Bill / Ensemble
Vocal Range: Tenor
Prominent in 2 songs.

Joseph ‘Old Man’ Strong / Ensemble
Vocal Range: Tenor
Bobby’s rebellious father. Bobby gets all his strength from his father and they have a close relationship.

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URINETOWN was produced on Broadway in September, 2001 by the Araca Group and Dodger Theatricals in association with TheaterDreams, Inc., and Lauren Mitchell

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with
Music Theatre International (Europe)
All authorised performance materials are also supplied by MTI Europe

Audition Dates

Auditions Closed

  • Tuesday 21st Jan 2020 at  7:45pm
  • Thursday 23rd Jan 2020 at  7:45pm


Tuesday evenings, Thursday evenings and Sunday Mornings. (Possibility of some Fridays if needed)