Cleo, Camping, Emmanuelle, and Dick – by Terry Johnson

About the Play

In 1964 a fifty-one-year-old man meets a twenty-seven-year-old woman at work.

She’s young, buxom, blonde, pretty. And just about to get married…

Over the years, as they work together, the two grow closer; they become friends. He becomes obsessed with her. She promises him one night of lust in Brighton. Just one night.  Just to get it out of his system.

He takes her up on her offer and then begins one of the most well-known secret affairs of the twentieth century.

He was Sid James.

She was Barbara Windsor.

Terry Johnson’s biographical play follows the affair from their first meeting all the way to its conclusion. Focusing on the events during the making of four Carry On films, and all set in a leaky and distinctly unglamourous caravan. It’s funny, touching and ultimately tragically sad as the lives of these icons of British comedy are put under the theatrical microscope.



From the outset, it’s important to recognise that whilst four of the characters were real people, three of these characters are iconic public figures and even to this day they remain well-known to millions.

But I am not looking for people who look like them, or asking people to do impressions of them. I am looking for people who can work at developing these characters to bring them to life on the stage. The ages are just a guide – it is a period piece, and much can be done with performance, costume, and make up.

    • Sid James – Comedy actor. Also, a gambler and womaniser. Not a fan of Kenneth. (Age late 40s – 60s)
    • Kenneth Williams – Comedy actor. Bitter at the lack of recognition of his own acting genius. Good friend to Barbera. Not a fan of Sid. (Age late 30s to 50s).
    • Barbara Windsor – Actress. Eastender. She is confident and strong from the outset but also vulnerable. (Age 25-40)
    • Sally – Sid’s young dresser. She puts up with Sid’s endless demands (Age 18-30)
    • Imogen Hassell – A young actress looking for her break. Naïve. (Age 18-25)
    • Eddie – Barbara’s driver and bodyguard. An Eastend heavy. (Age 40s/50s)


Notes About the Auditions

Scripts will be shortly available by the box office with a signing in and out list. Please try not to keep them too long, as numbers are limited.

For those interested in auditioning please look at the first act/scene (with the exception of Eddie who is only in the later scenes).

The performance dates are 21st to 26th February 2022

Rehearsal nights will be Mondays and Wednesdays


Want to Know More?

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Many thanks


Audition Dates

Auditions Closed

  • Monday 15th Nov 2021 at  7:45pm
  • Wednesday 17th Nov 2021 at  7:45pm


Mondays and Wednesdays