Feeling trapped in a world of domesticity, Shirley, a housewife from Liverpool, needs a change in her life before she has another conversation with the walls.

When her friend Jane invites her on a trip to a Greek island, Shirley jumps at the chance.
While relaxing on holiday, she rediscovers the woman she used to be and the happiness that she has been missing. Shirley embarks on a passionate affair with Costas, a local Greek man, and realizes that there is more to life than the dull, mundane existence she leads back home.

At the airport, she has a major decision to make. Head home to her old life or go back to the hotel she has been staying at to ask for a job. Finally, she is living the life she has dreamed of and rediscovered the self-confidence she has lost.

The auditions will take place at The QMT on Monday 19th July and Wednesday 21st July 2021


Shirley – a middle-aged housewife. You all know Shirley and you also know the commitment and hard work that will be required to play this amazing role. It is not for the faint-hearted. It’s two hours of YOU, talking, remembering, cooking (chips and egg), engaging, playing, laughing, crying and being Shirley Valentine! But what a fantastic role!

Audition pieces

Choose two of the following that you think really brings out your best.
1. Clitoris
2. Crying
3. Greece

I am really excited to be directing this strong one-woman show and looking forward to having lots of laughs with whoever becomes “Shirley”.

Elliott Bunker

Audition Dates

Auditions Closed

  • Monday 19th Jul 2021 at  8:00pm
  • Wednesday 21st Jul 2021 at  8:00pm


Mondays and Wednesdays