Elsie & Norm’s Macbeth

Elsie & Norm’s “Macbeth” by John Christopher Wood. 

A QMT Studio Production directed by Russ Hurn

Audition dates: 30th October and 1st November 2023 – 7:45pm

Rehearsal nights:  Mondays and Wednesdays

Performance Dates: Tuesday 23rd – Saturday 27th January 2024

You may think Shakespeare’s plays are long and on the wordy side with too many rhyming couplets, unnecessary characters, confusing language, and lacking a jolly good laugh. Well, Norm and Elsie do. But luckily, they have found a solution. After tiring of Trivial Pursuit and Dynasty they attempt to bring a little culture to their street while waiting for the pubs to open Norm has set about rewriting one of the Bard’s classics to bring it up to date and get back to basics with some of his own Northern humour to add a little spice. Just to make it easier Elsie and Norm have decided to play all the characters themselves. We will therefore be inviting the audience to 41 Larburnum Avenue for Elsie and Norms “Macbeth .

The play is set in the living room of Elsie and Norm’s house in the 1980’s. They are written as a heterosexual couple but there is no reason why a same sex scenario could not be considered. Essentially both characters are coming to the end of their working life and looking for new ways to express themselves. They are a loving couple with the usual amount of bickering.


Elsie – Playing age 45+. Elsie is a repressed actor who has never really had her chance to shine. There is a Shirley Bassey bubbling beneath the service trying to get out and she enjoys the spotlight. There is a moment for her to express this talent with an impromptu song.

Norm – Playing age 45+. Norm is rather proud of his talent to spot a poorly rhyming couplet and create something more meaningful. He is a spade is a spade kind of character and likes to direct the show, if Elsie will let him. He has a bit of a flair for voices and a penchant for ventriloquism.


Download the audition pieces here

We will be looking at some general silliness and vocal exercises at the auditions, so think about channelling your inner child.

We will be looking at pgs 7-10, 11-14, 16-20 for Elsie and Norm

Elsie’s song is on p24 (don’t let the singing aspect put you off! This is a comedic performance, no opera quality singing here, even if Elsie thinks it is!)

Elsie monologue pg 28 and Norm pgs 17-18, 29-30

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the director directly via russellhurn@btinternet.com

Audition Dates

Auditions Closed

  • Monday 30th Oct 2023 at  7:45pm
  • Wednesday 1st Nov 2023 at  7:45pm


Mondays & Wednesdays