Height of The Storm by Florian Zeller

Andre and Madeleine have been in love for over fifty years. This weekend, as their daughters visit, something feels unusual. A bunch of flowers arrives, but who sent them? A woman from the past turns up. But who is she? And why does Andre feel like he isn’t there at all?

The Guardian says…

Height of the storm puzzles the brain whilst touching the heart.
It’s about love, loss and the unbearable pain of absence.

The running time of this play is about 70-80 minutes without an interval and is a main house production.


Please note the ages given are a guide only and I will cast according to those auditioning.

  • Andre   
    70’s – Cussed, awkward, authoritarian, yet also baffled, bereft and helplessly dependent
  • Madeleine
    70’s – Copes well and is definitely in charge of her home.
  • Anne
    50’s – The elder and more pragmatic of the two daughters
  • Elise
    40’s – Younger daughter who is flighty and irresponsible
  • A Woman
    50’s – The woman from the past. Sensual, languid and very confident
  • A Man
    50’s – An estate agent. Possibly Elise’s new boyfriend. He doesn’t want to be there.

Performance Dates:       
October 2nd – 7th

Any questions please contact Keith
07799 803623

Audition Dates

Auditions Closed

  • Tuesday 20th Jun 2023 at  7:45pm
  • Thursday 22nd Jun 2023 at  7:45pm


Tuesday and Wednesdays