Dick Whittington

Written by: Richard & Dee Lovelock

Directed by: Richard & Dee Lovelock

Dick Whittington Poster Image

Production Credits

Sarah Albert

Musical Director:
Jon Shone

  • Friday 9th December to Saturday 17th December 2022

  • The Queen Mother Theatre

  • The Bancroft Players


Following the success of our first pantomime in several years, we are thrilled to welcome back the team this year to present their version of Dick Whittington!

Dick Whittington is a tale known and loved by children everywhere, and follows one young man’s attempt to make a better life for himself.

Along the way he meets the love of his life, new friends, and of course his wonderful cat. However, the evil King Rat attempts to thwart his plans to make something of himself by framing Dick as the villain of the piece.

Will good triumph over evil?
Will King Rat end up paying the price for his wrong doings?
Will the cast learn their lines for opening night?
Only one way to find out!

Cast List

Dick Whittington
Leanne Campbell-Phillips
Alice Fitzwarren
Allie Marie Hunter
Alderman Fitzwarren
Russ Hurn
King Rat
Elliott Bunker
Fairy of the Bells
Gita Lingam
Idle Jack
Kelly Jones
Sarah the cook
Brian Seal
Captain McBoatface
Craig Hiepner
Master Bob
Paul Boichat
The Cat
Matt Gray