Road by Jim Cartwright

Written by: Jim Cartwright

Directed by: Rory Reynolds

Road by Jim Cartwright Poster Image
  • Wednesday 16th November to Saturday 19th November 2022

  • The Queen Mother Theatre

  • Big Spirit Youth Theatre


by Jim Cartwright

1987. An unpopular leader is re-elected, the country lives in fear of terrorist attacks and is still reeling from the effects of recession. But for the inhabitants of a Lancashire street, there’s a party to go to.

The vagrant Scullery is your tour guide, introducing you to an array of characters all trying to find some kind of escape from their squalid existence.

Jim Cartwright’s play is an arresting mix of humour and pathos, transporting the audience with energy, passion and poetry, leaving you uplifted and reminded of the extraordinary resilience of the human spirit all presented in Big Spirit unique and imaginative way!